Christopher S Graffeo, MD MS

Cerebrovascular & Skull Base Fellow at Barrow Neurological Institute

The Present: Post-graduate fellowship in Cerebrovascular & Skull Base Neurosurgery with Dr. Michael Lawton at the Barrow Neurological Institute, 2021-2022.

The Past: Undergraduate at Virginia, post-baccalaureate at Columbia University, medical school in the honors program at NYU School of Medicine. Mayo Clinic Rochester Neurologic Surgery Residency Graduate, Class of 2021, including in-folded Skull Base Neuro-oncology Fellow with Dr. Michael Link and Dr. Jamie Van Gompel (PGY-7). In-residency masters degree via the Mayo Center for Clinical and Translational Science, with emphasis on advanced modeling strategies for stereotactic radiosurgery, supervised by Dr. Bruce Pollock (PGY-5).

The Future: News forthcoming.

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Evidence-based Neurosurgery & Data Science


o Master’s level biostatistics & epidemiology training

o Institutional database & registry development (REDCap)

o National registry & “big data” utilization (NSQIP, N2QOD/NeuroPoint, &c)

o Systematic Reviews, Meta-analyses, & Guidelines development (ISRS)

o Statistical modeling (JMP, STATA, R)


o Continue to assess biological equivalent dose as a novel dosimetric parameter for optimizing predicting SRS outcomes

o Develop advanced models for observational data sets that are difficult to randomize

o Conduct novel population-based studies of key skull base and cerebrovascular diseases

Neurosurgical Applications of Emerging Technologies


o 3D modeling for virtual, augmented, and mixed realities

o Additive manufacturing & 3D printing

o Advanced preparation, dissection, and photogrammetry for cadaver-based neuroanatomy


o Expand existing open source 3D case and approach library (

o Develop & test approach selection trainer for complex cranial surgery

o Develop & test high-fidelity simulators for complex cranial surgery (e.g. Drillable temporal bone; rodent SAH model)

Meta-academics & Professional Volunteerism


o Advanced project tracking information architecture (AirTable, Trello, &c)

o Manuscript & figure preparation (Photoshop, InDesign, Bridge)

o Didactic lecture materials for neurosurgical academics

o Leadership in organized neurosurgery (YNC Sec. 2021-2023, Chair 2023-2025; &c)

o Social media (AANS/YNC, JNS, NASBS; >4k follower on my #nsgy account @Graffeo)


o Build an integrated, multidisciplinary, resident-lead translational research team

o Mentor residents and students regarding academic and professional development

o Empower trainees and peers to develop their professionalism portfolios